Convention centers and conference venues for international events in Marrakech

An objective overview of the main convention centres and conference venues in Marrakech, including a brief description, number of bedrooms & meeting rooms, the size of the plenary room, distance from airport, centre & train station, as well as a map to visualize venue location and a table to compare them

Sworn translators in the major cities of Morocco

official (sworn) translations of legal documents for government authorities in Morocco The following are the list of sworn translators in different cities of Morocco. We can not be held liable for the services provided by anyone not working for


Spoken translations, aka simultaneous or conference interpretations Events online interpretations The crème de la crème of interpreters Simultaneous interpretation or conference interpreting is the most demanding form of translation. Conference interpreters require: Technical Requirements Obviously, being able to translate in real time one language to another requires not only conference interpreters, but also equipment: Why …