Africa Investment Forum Marrakesh

(Includes Video) The Africa Investment Forum (AIF) brings together investors, governments, and businesses from across Africa to discuss and promote investment opportunities on the continent. The 2023 edition of the AIF took place from November 8-10, under the theme “Unlocking Africa’s Value Chains.”

The AIF is a multi-day event that includes a variety of activities, including:

  • Market Days: A series of meetings between investors and project proponents.
  • Panel discussions: On a variety of topics related to Africa’s investment landscape.
  • Networking events: To facilitate connections between participants.
  • CEO Roundtables: For government leaders to meet with CEOs of major multinational companies.

In this video, you can hear us interpreting to French.

“Digital Disruptors and Transformative Technology”

The panel discussion focused on the opportunities for investment in digital technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), fintech, e-commerce, and telemedicine. The panelists discussed ways to promote digital inclusion and to leverage technology to address social and economic challenges. They also discussed the potential for digital technologies, particularly AI, to accelerate development and connect African businesses with global markets. The social and ethical dimensions of AI were also considered, as well as the need for a pro-innovation regulatory environment that can also mitigate the emerging risks associated with AI.