Will AI replace Interpreters?

will ai replace human interpreters final choice

Globish, AI, and interpreters. Will we be pushed out?

Interpreters’ raison d’être was already threatened by the slow but steady rise of ‘globish’. Now, interpreter jobs are seriously challenged by the explosive emergence this year of A.I. How much longer will interpreters be needed if everyone speaks English? How do current ‘artificial interpreters’ compare to human ones? Are there other threats out there? What can interpreters do? Is the profession doomed?

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simultaneous interpretations

aka spoken translations or conference interpretations

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The crème de la crème of interpreters

Simultaneous translations or conference interpreting is the most demanding form of translation. Conference translators or simultaneous interpreters require:

Technical Requirements

Obviously, being able to translate in real-time one language to another requires not only conference interpreters but also equipment:

Why simultaneous interpretations?

All participants with a headset can listen to and follow the event in the language of their choice

Simultaneous or conference interpretation is the most dynamic and flexible for participants

fulbridge, full quality conference interpreters

To ensure high quality services throughout your event, fulbridge interpreters work in pairs, unless the event is less than an hour long.

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