Convention centers and conference venues for international events in Marrakech

conference venues in Marrakech

Marrakesh, Morocco, offers a variety of convention centers, hotels, and other venues suitable for conferences. Here are the best options in the red city, with the number of bedrooms and meetings mentioned for each, as well as plenary size and distance from airport, city center and train station. Let us know what you think of our PCO-friendly guide to conference centres in Marrakesh Continue reading “Convention centers and conference venues for international events in Marrakech”

Sworn translations in Marrakesh

We provide quality interpretations service for all events, conferences, symposium, summits and training

We DO NOT provide sworn (aka legal, or official) translation nor interpretation services.

We understand the need for such services, so have provided below an overview of such services available in Marrakech. fulbridge can not in any way be held responsible for the quality of the work provided by these third parties. Below, the list of sworn translators in Marrakech

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