Sworn translators in Morocco

Legal or official translations in Morocco (traductions assermentées)

Sworn translators (traducteurs assermentés in French), after studying at the King Fahd school of translation in Tangier, have taken an oath before the legal authorities of Morocco, hence their name. They also have been investigated. They alone are authorised to translate documents intended for the Moroccan authorities.

They also act as court translators in Morocco, and when they translate the spoken word they are known as court interpreters. Only sworn interpreters may speak in courts. Similarly, in a recent reform, only sworn interpreters can be called upon to assist in the signing of a document at the notary such as real estate purchase agreements.

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Why sworn translations?

Any document in a foreign language, to be submitted to any court in Morocco whatsoever, must be translated by a sworn translator.

We do not provide sworn translations, but we are often asked for them.

This is why we have compiled here the list of all sworn translators in Morocco, city by city then language by language.

This information is provided for information only. We cannot speak or be held liable for the quality of any translation not provided by us.

A limited number of languages

Only English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Hebrew, and Italian are available in sworn translations in Morocco. For other languages, we suggest you contact a consulate or embassy.

This list is under development, thank you for your patience. If the city you are interested in is not mentioned here, go to atajtraduction.ma/en/

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