Official: Foreigners, resident or not, can leave Morocco as of July 15.

Translated [and edited] from the official MAP website:

Further to the Government Communiqué [regarding leaving and entering Morocco as of July 15,2020] the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Residing Abroad, specifies that

1. For countries, particularly in Africa, where it is absolutely not possible to carry out PCR or serological tests, contacts are in progress with the authorities of these friendly countries to find appropriate solutions as quickly as possible.

2. Concerning people who intend to come to Morocco by car, via the ports of Sète (France) and Genoa (Italy), and whose road journey exceeds the validity period of the tests [48hours], an additional PCR test will be carried out on board.

3. Due to the exceptional nature of the current operation, legal and practical considerations make compensation between airlines impossible. Consequently, only tickets purchased from Royal Air Maroc and Air Arabia are valid.

4. Flights are planned to destinations other than those traditionally served by direct flights from Morocco to respond to demand from Moroccans residing abroad or foreigners residing in Morocco.

5. Children under the age of 11 are exempt from the PCR test.

6. Moroccans residing abroad, foreigners residing or not residing in Morocco, and Moroccan students enrolled in universities abroad, may leave the national territory by the same sea and air routes.

The Ministry call centre (+212 537 663 300) and Crisis Management Unit (+212 666 891 105, +212 662 013 436, +212 537 676 218) remain available to answer questions.

Friday 10/07/2020 – 21:26

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7 Replies to “Official: Foreigners, resident or not, can leave Morocco as of July 15.”

    1. Dear Mrs Kennedy,
      In light of recent, official information, no test is required to leave Morocco. However, as far as we understand, there are no direct links between Morocco and Spain, either by air or sea. But we recommend you check with Royal Air Maroc and Air Arabia to see if there are any flights, and that you check with Spanish authorities about required tests.

  1. Hello everyone. My husband who is Moroccan and French and résident in Morocco is stuck in Morocco and hasn’t seen us all, wife and 3 children living in France, for 5 months now.
    Will he be able to fly soon to France?

    1. Dear Benedicte,
      According to the information in the official press release, yes, your husband will be able to leave Morocco. He should book flights, preferably with Air Arabia, as we’ve heard information that RAM is asking passengers for a PCR test.

  2. My country is still not on the list of countries allowed to EU. For how long more I can stay in Morocco as a tourist if I have no place to go at the moment? Will I be allowed to extend my staying or is it a Must to leave the country?

    1. Dear Anastasia,

      The state of sanitary emergency in Morocco has been extended until August 10th, so your existing visa should be valid until then at least. That’s the logical answer. But you should check the ‘service des étrangers’ (foreigners service) of your local wilayah.

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