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Meet & Greet, Check in, Showround

Formation semi intensive en Anglais pour le personnel d’accueil d’un Riad: Accueil, sign in, show round, services, horaires & directions. Share the post “Meet & Greet, Check in, Showround” FacebookGoogle+LinkedInTwitterViadeoWeiboEmailBookmarkPrint


Anglais hotelier f&b back office Fiche Technique

Renforcer les compétences en écoute et prononciation, jeux de rôles & simulations Share the post “Anglais hotelier f&b back office Fiche Technique” FacebookGoogle+LinkedInTwitterViadeoWeiboEmailBookmarkPrint

French classes in Marrakech 4levels

Professional French Training

level: B1 status: on going volume: 24 heures participants: 6 Share the post “Professional French Training” FacebookGoogle+LinkedInTwitterViadeoWeiboEmailBookmarkPrint