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Four levels of French classes in Marrakesh

French classes in Marrakech Learn French in Marrakech

Learn French in Marrakech. With 3 years experience providing quality French classes in Marrakech, we provide four levels: beginners, elementary, basic and conversation. Classes are led by native speakers trained in the communicative approach. The emphasis is on speaking &  simulating real life, daily situations. Our small groups (6 max) provide a comfortable environment to improve speaking skills in French. All our training can be tailored for residents and visitors.

Below are the levels we provide.

If you’re not sure what your level is, feel free to contact us for a fee evaluation session.

Beginner’s French

French for Beginners in Marrakech
For true beginner learners of French who might struggle to introduce themselves (age, occupation, hometown, marital status, children). Our teachers have been trained to teach using only French, however we understand in certain situations, expressing yourself in English will help. The program covers the basic vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation to introduce yourself in French and answer a few basic questions. Typically, this course last about 12 -24 hours/ 1-2 months, after which you are ready to join the Elementary group. This course can be delivered intensively at your request. more

Elementary French


Learn Simple French in Marrakech
This course is designed for those who have can introduce themselves, but would like to give and ask for directions, prices or opening times. Simulating simple daily life activities in the classroom provides learners the opportunity to discover in context the essential grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to communicate simply but effectively in French. Typically, this course lasts about 36 to 48 hours, over 3 to 4 months, but, as with all our training solutions, can be delivered in an intensive format of you choice.

Basic French


Learn Basic French in Marrakech
a.ka. Pre-intermediate French, this is for learners who would like to talk about plans & hitstory, recognize and use simple conditional sentences, fill in a form, open an account, make a booking or an appointment over the phone. The skills and knowledge acquired at this stage will take you to full independence, the capacity to express yourself using only French, and cover essential languages points and the capacity to paraphrase and to rephrase, to enquire and to explain. You will need to have at least a strong elementary level of Frenchmore


French Conversation Classes

Conversation French Classes in Marrakech
This course if for those who get by in French but would like to improve their pronunciation, consolidate grammar or polish their vocabulary. This group is multi level, and welcomes all learners of intermediate or higher level. In a relaxed setting in our partner site in Guéliz, twice a week for two sessions of 90 minutes each. Lessons mostly involve conversation and feedback. All participants are encouraged to express themselves in a teacher moderated debate. Group and individual feedback is provided along with guidance and references to improve grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening and speaking.more

These french conversation classes are for the following levels.

Intermediate (B1)
You can, at a stretch, express yourself using only French. You can understand and be understood in most situations.Despite mistakes, you understand the gist of a conversation, even if you find it hard to follow over time or struggle to contribute. You typically understand the gist of a newspaper article but struggle with the detail. You can express, write and respond to simple requests with appropriate formality.

Upper Intermediate (B2)
You can describe your favorite film or book in French in some details, discuss imaginary situations in the past or present, debate the pros and cons of an issue in some detail, follow complex thought or articles and understand. You can easily identify and use the appropriate degree of formality in your speech and text.

Advanced 1 (C1).
For academics, journalists, politics. Extensive knowledge of culture, history, customs, comfortable in all situations but aware of limitations.

Advanced 2 (C2)
Competence equivalent to a native speaker finishing a master degree.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when are the classes run?

See each page for details. All classes can be delivered privately for individuals and groups.

How much do the classes cost?

Training rate vary with group size:

1 person: 200 Dh per person per hour,
2 people: 100 Dh per person per hour, plus transport if applicable (outside Guéliz)
3 people: 90 Dh per person per hour
4 or more: 75 Dh per person per hour

These prices do not include transport outside Guéliz.

Typically, most groups have 3 people. Classes cost 90dh per person per hour, payable monthly at 1080dh per person per month for eight 90 minute classes.

In other words, there are two 90 minute classes per week, totalling 12 hours tuition per month. Payment is due at the beginning of the month and is 90dh per hour: 1080dh for eight 90 minute classes.

If I can’t attend all of the classes do I still have to pay for the whole month?

No. If you know that you won’t be able to make all the classes, let us know at the beginning of the month when payment is due and we will deduct the classes that you cannot attend from your payment.

Can I try a class before committing to the full month?

Yes. You are welcome to try one class for free and if it doesn’t suit you then you owe us nothing. You can try another class for free to see if the second one is better for you.

What if the class is too difficult for me?

If you try a class and feel that the level is not right for you, fulbridge also provides beginner, elementary, basic and conversation French classes.

Can I join the class at any point in the month?

Yes. The classes function on a continuous enrollment basis, meaning you can join whenever you like.

What size are the classes?

There is a maximum of six students per class.

What are the registration fees or fees?


What do I need to bring to the class?

fulbridge provides all learning materials, participants need only bring a pen and paper.

Can I get a certificate?

Yes. Certificates are available on demand for free.

Is there a test at the end of the course?

When your teacher feels that you are ready to move to the next level, fulbridge can provide a formal test to show this if you so wish. Otherwise, tests are not necessary.


ask a question by email

call 0675641430 , Michael ROBERTS

fulbridge.com also provides professional English training and commercial translations

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  1. Elle Burguez Reply

    Hello :) I’m interested in doing French classes up until the 14th of May. I live in the Medina at the moment and would love to have lessons in my home- or I can walk to the class if it is not too far away. What do you think? Thank you- Elle :)

    • michaelroberts Reply

      Dear Elle,

      We would be delighted to have a telephone conversation with you to determine how we could best help you.

      Would you be so kind as to ring us on +212675641430?

      We look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Michael Reply

    Bonjour Mr. Roberts,

    I would like to know more about your French classes in Gueliz!
    Please could you contact me: +212 600 257 857

    Best Regards
    Michael Boenisch

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      Thank you for your inquiry. We’ll be contacting you shortly

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