Conversation French Classes in Marrakech

french-classes-marrakechBoost your French communication skills for everyday needs and for pleasure in a unique, open and encouraging environment. Friendly conversation classes in a relaxed, informal atmosphere with a professional French teacher designed to foster oral competence. How to make friends and influence people in French! A friendly atmosphere, a very qualified teachers, friendly and open participants (all expats), a conversation based class with individualized feedback. This course includes the following

• Discuss everyday topics in French
• Work on building relevant vocabulary
• Develop confidence, listening skills and speaking competencies
• Personalized feedback for further work

Expected Outcomes
• Confidence to express yourself in a wide variety of situation.
• Strong oral comprehension skills and excellent pronunciation.
• A fine tuned appreciation of the specificities of variations on French, specifically Moroccan French
• Make new friends and improve everyday performance in French
•A unique and fun atmosphere to improve French speaking skills with like minded people

Partner venue in Guéliz for proximity and convenience

Contact & bookings: Michael, 0675641430,

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