Beginners french classes in Marrakesh

beginnersfrenchLearn French in sunny Marrakesh!

Small, tailored and confidence-boosting groups.

For true beginner learners of French who might struggle to introduce themselves (age, occupation, hometown, marital status, children). The program covers everyday vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation to introduce yourself in French and answer a few basic questions. Typically, this course lasts about 12 -24 hours/ 1-2 months, after which you are ready to join the Elementary group. This course can be delivered intensively at your request.

From zero to hero in a few hours!

• Talk about yourself & others, polite, icebreaking questions (formal and informal)
• What you do, common jobs
• Numbers 1-100, prices, days
• Constant focus on accurate pronunciation for better listening, efficient communication & faster learning.
• Basic questions for the above

Outcomes / expected results
• Introduce yourself
• Say how old you are
• Say where you’re from, where you live
• Say what your job/occupation is
• Ask for the above

Our teachers have been trained to teach using only French, however we understand in certain situations, expressing yourself in English will help. 

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